Contact Us to become a Reseller 02381 550085

Become an Authorised Reseller/Installer

Criteria to become an Authorised Heat Battery Reseller/Installer

To become an Authorsied Reseller/Installer you must  provide evidence that you are trading as a Renewables Company, an Electrician, Plumbing Specialist or operate in a relevant industry. References will be required

Trade Discounts

We operate on a volume and 'value of order' discount scale. Please contact us as we cannot publish this information

Installers Course

Only those who have attended either a thermal battery installation course or Sunamp Installer course can become Authorised Resellers. This is part of the Product Warranty stipulations. We will arrange the course for you. Call us on 02381 550085.

The Fee  is £80.00 + VAT

Additional 'Early Adopter' Discount for Resellers who apply before 31st December 2019

As a 'Thank you' for choosing to become an Authorsised Heat Battery Reseller, we will be offering an additional  'Early Adopter' discount on Sunamp heat batteries for your first 12 months