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Sunamp Heat Battery Product Information

Sunamp Products


Sunamp UniQ Heat Batteries are available in a combination of variants and can be 'charged' by Solar PV directly (without the need for an inverter), Solar PV via an inverter, mains electricity, or from a boiler or heat pump

The Sunamp UniQ range comes with a 10 Year Manufacturers Warranty, if fitted by an authorised Sunamp installer

Hot Water Applications


The UniQ Sunamp range are A+ energy rated and are extremely compact, ideal for customers who wish to increase their available hot water and have limited space

Used in conjunction with Solar PV Sunmap Thermal Batteries produce an amazing amount of FREE hot water and can store heat for far longer than the best conventional cylinders

Boiler/Heat-Pump Applications: High-Efficiency Buffer Tanks and Instant Heat

Sunamp Distributor and Suanmp Reseller.  Sunamp heat batteries are sold by Thermal Battery Solutions

The Sunamp UniQ range of Thermal Batteries work perfectly in conjunction with heat pumps. Providing larger, higher efficiency heat storage, in less space. A large Thermal Battery Buffer-Tank would enable your customer to utilise the benefits of Solar, Smart Tariffs and Economy 7

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High Demand Applications: Hotels, HMO's, Shower Blocks


One of the biggest problems in Hotels, Shower Blocks and HMO's is 'high demand' for short times throughout the day. Thermal Batteries are now being used as the de-facto choice for Architects and Developers. Thermal Batteries take up considerably less space and installation time, contribute to energy efficient requirements and require no maintenance

Sunamp 'UniQ' Heat Battery Range

UniQ 3


  • 390-435mm Height
  • 575mm Depth
  • 365mm Width 
  • Heat Loss kH/per 24 hours 0.449
  • ErP Rating A+

Recommended Use: 1 Bed Apartment

UniQ 6


 Equivalent Cylinder Size 140 litres

  • 591-636mm Height
  • 575mm Depth
  • 365mm Width
  • 7.0 kWh 
  • Heat Loss kH/per 24 hours 0.649
  • ErP Rating A+

Recommended Use: 2 Bed House

UniQ 9


 Equivalent Cylinder Size 210 litres

  • 817-862mm Height
  • 575mm Depth
  • 365mm Width
  • 10.5 kWh 
  • Heat Loss kH/per 24 hours 0.738
  • ErP Rating A+

Recommended Use: 3 Bed House

UniQ 12


 Equivalent Cylinder Size 280 litres

  • 1002-1047mm Height
  • 575mm Depth
  • 365mm Width
  • 14 kWh 
  • Heat Loss kH/per 24 hours 0.809
  • ErP Rating A+

Recommended Use: Large Family

UniQ 80


   Equivalent Cylinder Size 1800 litres


  • 1470mm Height
  • 1200mm Depth
  • 1000mm Width
  • 90 kWh 
  • Heat Loss kH/per 24 hours 2.2 (provisional)
  • Non ErP 

Recommended Use: HMO's, Hotels, Shower Blocks and other high demand applications



We will shortly be stocking a Marine Specific Calorifier using Sunamp technology.  Calculations and testing suggest that this product will provide 4x the amount of hot water compared to a traditional calorifier of the same size

Sunamp on 'Fully-Charged' programme