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Questions and Answers

Can the batteries save me money?

Yes. Sunamp heat batteries enable you to use your stored heat several days after you have charged them. Hot water from a typical hot water tank is only luke warm after a few days. 

Savings are further enhanced if you take advantage of off-peak tarrifs or solar energy. Have a look at our case studies on our technical page.

Is it true they take less space?

Yes,  they take up far less space as they do not actually hold the volume of water they produce. The box shape is also space saving

Is it dangerous or does it contain nasty chemicals?

Unlike Lithium batteries there are no nasty flammable chemicals . The whole unit is recyclable.

Can I fit one myself?

We don''t recommend fitting Suanmp batteries yourself. Sunamp will only guarantee their product if it has has been installed by an authorised installer. If you wish to purchase one without a warranty you can.

Can you organise delivery and fitting?

Yes we can. Just contact us and we will ask a local installer to get in touch.

Are they better than lithium Ion?

Sunamp heat batteries store heat. Lithium batteries store electricity. The advantage of Heat Batteries is that they are far more environmentally friendly, non-flammable and can be recycled over 50,000 times without any loss.

Why have I not heard of them?

Sunamp Heat Batteries are a relatively new product and have not yet been advertised extensivley. Take a look at the Sunamp website and read all about the investment, research and development that has gone into them

Should I buy a Heat Battery or Lithium Ion

Sunamp heat batteries are around half the cost and last much longer. 

Most homes use between 70%-80% of the energy on heating therefore it makes sense to use a storage device for that purpose.